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Restoring our Constitutional Republic with the Article V Countermand Amendment. 

Text of proposed
ARTICLE 28 (or alternate number to be assigned by Congress)​
Section 1.  The Article affirms and secures the sovereign authority of United States citizens; the United States Constitution; the governments of the Several States; and the government of the United States.    
Section 2.  To secure the inherent sovereign rights of citizens of the United States the following requirements shall be met:   

1.      Only citizens of the United States shall qualify to vote at any and all local, State and National elections.  Foreign residents, all non-citizens and all illegal immigrants are prohibited from voting.
2.      It is prohibited for a person born in the United States to automatically become a citizen unless at the time of birth at least one biological parent has been a citizen of the United States for at least 12 months. 
3.      It is prohibited for a non-citizen, in any and all local, State and Federal jurisdictions, to be: 1) an official member of any jury; 2) a member of any judicialbody; 3) an officer in any Court; 4) a member of any law enforcement agency; 5) elected to any government position; 6) a candidate in any election; or 7) participating as an official member in any governing body.   
4.      It is prohibited for non-citizens to receive government benefits or entitlements.   An exception can be for individuals who are earning their citizenship while serving in the military or other official government service.    
5.      It is prohibited for a citizen to cast more than one ballot in any election. 
6.      The States shall protect the integrity of the electoral process by verifying the legal and Constitutional qualifications of all voters and candidates to any office.
a.     The States shall verify the Citizenship of all individuals before qualifying and registering them to vote.  b.     The States shall verify the Citizenship and qualifications of all candidates before allowing them to be placed on a ballot. c.      The States shall require their voters to present an official State issued photo Identification or other State authorized identification at the polls before allowing them to vote.  d.     Mail in ballots shall require an official government photo identification and/or other State authorized identification as required by the State in which the voter is a legal resident. e.     Members of the Military, who are citizens, shall have their votes counted in a timely fashion and their votes shall be included in the final count and final certification in every election.    
7.      It is prohibited for any votes to be cast at any election by absentee ballot (including electronic ballots) with the exception of mail in votes described in Section2. 6. (d) and (e) above.  
​ 8.      Felons who are citizens shall have their Constitutional rights (including voting rights) restored three years after they have fulfilled the requirements of their sentence.  ​
Section 3.  It is prohibited for the government to diminish, in any way, the supremacy of the Constitution as the governing document for the United States. 
Section 4. It is prohibited for the government to:  1) pass any law; 2) issue any Executive Order; 3) enact any regulation; or 4) adjudicate any matter in Federal, State or International Courts, that would diminish the authority the United States has to govern itself as a Constitutional Republic and sovereign nation. 
1.      The Article prohibits the government from abdicating or diminishing, in any way, the peoples’ sovereign Constitutional authority to any nation; or to any regulatory agency (domestic or foreign);  or to the United Nations; or to any International tribunal or governing body; or to any domestic or foreign financial organization; or to any domestic or foreign military force (including NATO); or to any policing authority; or by  Presidential Executive Order; or by any Act of Congress; or by any International Treaty; or by any other method or strategy that might be conceived to surrender or in actuality does surrender United States’ Constitutional, States or National sovereignty. ​
Section 5.  Any elected or non-elected government official, or any non-government individual (including members of any organization), who intentionally obstructs or prevents the implementation of any provision in this Article shall have committed a criminal offense and shall be subject to impeachment (when applicable) and criminal prosecution and upon conviction serve up to ten years in prison.
Section 6.  Individual States shall have authority to prosecute violators of this Article under State laws in the absence of Federal prosecution after 90 days from the date of the alleged violation.  Multiple prosecutions, by multiple States, for the same alleged crime are prohibited.
Section 7. The Article shall be immediately part of the United States Constitution upon ratification by three quarters of the State Legislatures in the several States. 
​​ Section 8.  The provisions of this Article are enforceable within the United States which shall include the Several States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and the territories and possessions of the United States.  

Sovereignty Amendment 

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Sovereignty Amendment 

COUNTERMAND AMENDMENT The Missing Piece in the Article V Puzzle


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